How big can my suitcase be as hand luggage?

handbagage koffer wit voor dames

How big can my hand luggage suitcase be?

A question that concerns many ladies who love to travel. It is important to know what dimensions hand luggage suitcases must comply with according to the different airlines, so that you are not faced with any surprises when checking in. In this blog post I will explain exactly what the rules are and give you useful tips for packing your hand luggage suitcase.

Every airline has its own rules when it comes to hand luggage dimensions. What may just pass by as a hand luggage trolley with one company may still have to be checked in with another company. That is why it is very important to be well aware of the specific rules of your chosen airline.

Hand luggage suitcase dimensions

Let's start with one of the most popular low-cost airlines: Ryanair . With Ryanair you are allowed to take one piece of hand luggage with you that may not be larger than 40x20x25 centimeters. This size is ideal for a small bag or backpack that can hold essential items such as your passport, wallet and phone. Please note that this size is quite small and not suitable for large items such as laptops or thick sweaters.

EasyJet has slightly larger dimensions for hand luggage. They allow you to take one piece of luggage with a maximum size of 56x45x25 centimeters, including handles and wheels. This gives you a little more space to carry clothes, shoes and other necessities.

For ladies who prefer more luxurious travel and often fly with KLM, the rules are slightly different. At KLM you can take one piece of hand luggage with a maximum dimensions of 55x35x25 centimeters. You can also take a smaller bag or laptop bag with a maximum dimensions of 40x30x15 centimeters. This gives you a little more space to carry extra items such as a laptop or tablet.

In addition to these well-known airlines, there are numerous other airlines with their own specific rules for hand luggage dimensions. It is advisable to always consult the company's website before packing, so that you are not faced with any surprises at the airport.

Packing tips for hand luggage suitcases:

Now that we know what dimensions hand luggage suitcases must comply with according to different airlines, it is time to look at the packing itself. As a lady, you naturally want to take as many outfits and accessories as possible with you when traveling. Here are some tips for packing efficiently:

1. Make a list: Always start by making a list of all the essential items you will need for your trip. This way you can ensure that you don't forget anything important.

2. Roll up your clothes: By rolling up your clothes instead of folding them, you will save a lot of space in your carry-on suitcase. It also prevents wrinkles in your clothes.

3. Use packing bags: Packing bags are great for keeping your clothes and other items organized. They also help save space by squeezing the air out of the bag.

4. Minimize Shoes: Shoes often take up a lot of space, so try to keep the number of pairs to a minimum. Choose versatile shoes that match different outfits.

5. Make use of empty spaces: Tuck socks and underwear into shoes or fill empty gaps between other items with small accessories like jewelry or makeup.

By applying these tips you can make optimal use of the permitted hand luggage dimensions and still take all your favorite outfits with you when traveling.

It is important to always be aware of the specific rules and dimensions of hand luggage suitcases with different airlines. This way you avoid unnecessary stress and costs while traveling. With this information and handy packing tips, you'll be ready to travel the world, with everything you need at your fingertips!