To pack a suitcase? We share 7 tips for efficient packing.

Inpak tips om je koffer in te pakken

Packing stress, we all suffer from it sometimes. Especially if you are a traveling fashionista and always want to have the perfect outfit with you. But don't panic, with these tips you will travel relaxed this summer!

# Tip 1: Check your suitcase for stress-free packing

Avoid packing stress by checking your suitcase for any defects. This way you avoid being confronted with a broken suitcase while packing. Are you ready for a new suitcase? Then of course you know that you have to be at MŌSZ!

# Tip 2: Book enough checked luggage for your trip

As a fashionista you probably want to take several outfits with you. Make sure you book enough checked baggage when flying. Consider taking one or two large suitcases instead of several small suitcases so you don't have to carry as much.

# Tip 3: Make handy lists for stress-free packing

Take the time to sit quietly in front of your wardrobe and make lists of different outfits per day. Don't forget the basics such as underwear and socks. This helps you pack in a structured and stress-free manner.

# Tip 4: Save on beauty products by scoring offers

Keep an eye on your favorite drugstore for beauty offers. This way you can get your favorite sunscreen or shampoo at an affordable price. Put these products next to the suitcase in the toiletry bag, so you don't forget them.

# Tip 5: Schedule enough time for stress-free packing

Reserve plenty of time to pack without stress. Block off a weekend before departure or take an extra day off. Start in the morning so you can always buy something if you miss something.

# Tip 6: Avoid wearing clothes that you want to take with you

A week before your holiday it is useful to no longer wear the clothes you want to take with you. This allows you to start packing on time and avoid last-minute washing.

# Tip 7: Make packing fun with a summer vibe

Put on a summer playlist and have a party while you pack your suitcase. Imagine yourself dressed in your favorite dresses on the beach and enjoy the anticipation!

With these tips you can travel relaxed without having to worry about packing stress! Discover how you, as a traveling fashionista, can effortlessly enjoy your perfect outfits on the go.