Tips for relaxing when traveling with kids during the summer holidays

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The summer holidays have now started everywhere and that means we are all going out together again. Just relax and enjoy nothing at all in your own country or across the border. Whether you go by car or by plane, traveling with kids can be quite a challenge. Especially with small children, it is important to prepare the trip well.

# Tip 1: Involve your kids in the preparation

Include your kid(s) in the anticipation. Tell them what you are going to do, show them where you are going and let them help you with packing. If they get into the mood, you are already 1-0 ahead.

# Tip 2: Avoid hangry moments on the road

Avoid hangry moments and provide (healthy) snacks. This is also something you can include in the anticipation. Go to the supermarket together and choose the tastiest snacks. This way your kids know what awaits them along the way.

# Tip 3: Use audio books

Select the best audio books. Make sure the tablet is charged and the headphones are ready, because it is wonderful for children to dream away with an audio book. This way they can enjoy a beautiful story in their own world and maybe even fall asleep ;-).

# Tip 4: Have fun during the trip with a holiday activity book

Score a fun holiday activity book. Nowadays there are so many holiday books that can keep your mini entertained for hours. Be careful if you experience car sickness, because then having such a book in the car is of course not a good idea!

# Tip 5: Mini gifts for extra fun

Buy some mini gifts to give during the trip. A fun game, a coloring book or something else that will keep them busy. There are also super fun travel editions of well-known games that make time fly by.

# Tip 6: Have fun with classic car and airplane games

Good old car (and plane) games. I see, I see what you don't see, word battle, no yes and no no and of course making nice variations of license plates. It really doesn't have to be so high tech to have fun.

# Tip 7: Provide comfortable sleeping arrangements

Make sure that little ones who still need to sleep are provided with everything they need. For example, there are various airplane cots that you can take with you during a flight. Several companies also have baby cots on board.

# Tip 8: Prepare yourself well

Make sure you are well prepared yourself. Map out the route in advance, plan stops and leave nothing to chance. You can also prepare yourself well for a flight. Make sure you get through the security check smoothly (and book a time slot) and check the distance to the gate in advance.

# Tip 9: Stay relaxed and positive

Happy parents, happy babies. So cliché, but true. As long as you are happy and relaxed, the kids will be too. Don't worry too much, even if something goes wrong. Keep thinking clearly and ensure that the children retain the holiday feeling and do not take over your tension.

# Tip 10: Enjoy offline quality time

A memory for life. Enjoy every moment and go offline as much as possible. Get rid of those phones and enjoy the moment.

Hopefully these tips will help you and you will travel relaxed. Make valuable memories and enjoy!

Happy Holidays!