What is a TSA Lock?

TSA slot harde dames koffer in roze, rose, reiskoffer

As a fashion-conscious traveler, you naturally want your luggage to be safe during transport. A TSA lock can come in handy here, because only the Transport Security Administration (TSA) can open this lock without causing damage. But why is this so important?

What are the advantages of a TSA lock?

Firstly, a TSA lock offers extra convenience when locking your suitcase. Especially if you are in a hurry to catch your flight, it is useful to be able to lock your suitcase quickly and easily. Moreover, in some countries, such as the United States, a TSA lock is even mandatory on your luggage. But there are now also other countries that use the TSA standard. Examples are: Canada, Israel, Japan, Finland and Australia. It is expected that there will be more and more in the future.

Another advantage of a TSA lock is that there is less damage to your luggage when it is checked by customs. If it does not have a TSA lock, customs will have to force the lock, which could cause damage to your luggage. With a TSA lock, this is not necessary and your suitcase is therefore better protected against damage.

Imagine that you are a fashionable woman at the airport in New York with all your beautiful outfits and accessories in your Lauren ladies suitcase from MŌSZ. You have just bought new designer clothes and would like to transport them safely home. Thanks to the built-in TSA lock, you don't have to worry about any damage to your beautiful garments during customs inspection.

MŌSZ Lauren Suitcase collection .

All Lauren suitcases from MŌSZ are equipped with a built-in TSA lock, offering extra security and convenience during your trip. Whether you are looking for a women's suitcase, hand luggage suitcase or large luxury suitcase in pink, purple, white or a crazy animal print – at MŌSZ you will always find the perfect suitcase set for women. Just don't forget to set the code of your Lauren suitcase correctly according to the manual in your Lauren ladies suitcase.

How do I set up a TSA combination lock?

Make sure you set the code of your Lauren suitcase correctly and according to the following instructions:

1. Make sure that both zippers are clicked into the lock.
2. Set the lock to the original code, which is always 0-0-0.
3. Press the reset button (small black circle above the number code) with a pen or other tool, press until you hear a clear “click”.
4. Now set the desired code.
5. Press the top slider down, the lock will now open.
6. Always do a test after setting the code and most importantly... Don't forget the code!

In short, a TSA lock is indispensable for your travel luggage as a fashion-conscious traveler. It offers extra convenience when closing your hard suitcase and protects it against damage during customs inspection. With a ladies suitcase from MŌSZ you are assured of a safe and comfortable trip!

Do you have any questions? Send an email to info@mosz-accessories.com or watch our instructional video .