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handbagage koffer dames lilahandbagage koffer dames lila op model
Ladies hand luggage suitcase lilac - 55 cm - MŌSZ Lauren Sale price€99,00 Regular price€129,95
Creme-Kleurige Kofferhandbagage koffer wit op model
Roze reistashandbagage koffer roze op model
luipaard Designer bagage handbagage koffer dames zwart luipaard op model
Dames Handbagage Kofferhandbagage koffer dames luipaard beige op model
Stijlvolle dameskofferStijlvolle dameskoffer op model
grote koffer 66 cm lilagrote koffer 66 cm lila op model
compacte roze koffergrote roze koffer 66 cm op model
zwarte luipaardkofferWomen's medium size suitcase black leopard - 66 cm - MŌSZ Lauren
Trendy DameskofferTrendy Dameskoffer op model
Stijlvolle dameskoffergrote koffer 76 cm wit op model
grote koffer 76 cm lilagrote koffer 76 cm lila op model
Dames grote koffergrote roze koffer 76 cm op model
zwarte luipaardkoffergrote koffer 76 cm zwart luipaard op model
luipaard koffergrote koffer 76 cm luipaard beige op model
Dames kofferset crèmeDames kofferset creme - 55 / 66 / 76 cm op model
Sold out
Dames kofferset lila - 55 / 66 / 76 cmDames kofferset lila - 55 / 66 / 76 cm op model
Luxe roze koffer3 delige kofferset roze op model
Koffertje met luipaardprintDames kofferset zwarte luipaard op model
Luipaardprint BagageDames kofferset beige luipaard - 55 / 66/ 76 cm op model

Hand luggage suitcase

The MŌSZ ladies hand luggage suitcase has the perfect dimensions to take with you on board all airlines. With a height of 55 cm, width of 35 cm and depth of 20 cm, this suitcase meets the maximum dimensions required by airlines .

Whether you fly with KLM, Ryanair, EasyJet or another airline, you can rest assured that the MŌSZ suitcase can be taken along as hand luggage without any problems.

Large suitcase

For hold luggage , we have two suitcases that are suitable for different travel durations. Our medium size suitcase with a size of 66 cm is ideal for a holiday of 1 to 2 weeks.

If you plan to be away for more than two weeks, we recommend our largest suitcase size: 76 cm. This spacious suitcase offers enough space for all your belongings during a 2 to 3 week holiday.

Suitcase ladies

Our trendy ladies suitcase is not only practical, but also a real eye-catcher. This feminine travel trolley in lilac, pink, white, leopard print cream and black leopard print gives a playful and feminine touch to your travel outfit. You'll definitely turn heads as you walk through the airport!